Monday, June 15, 2009

Teton Dam Weekend

This weekend was finally the weekend of the Teton Dam 5K race in Rexburg, ID. Paul and I have been semi training since April and Mel and Phil were running with us. We got up to Idaho on Friday night, but had to go to bed early so we could be ready for race day. We got to the race at 8:00 in the morning at Madison High School. The starting point was just a block away, up a very steep hill. I thought I was ready. I thought I could kick some butt, but when I realized the first 1.6 miles were straight uphill (at least a 90 degree angle), I realized that the race was going to kick my butt. It was awful!!! I finally made it through the dreaded uphill and was able to relax on the downhill trek. But the damage was already done. When 6 year old girls and 80 year old women are passing you, any self respect you have left is flushed down the toilet. I gave myself a pep talk and just kept telling myself if I finished, it would be an accomplishment. So that's what I did. Paul and I crossed the finish line together, hand in hand, arms raised in victory. The time was pathetic and I was sorely disappointed in myself, but at least it was over!! Now the fun could really begin. And when I say fun, I mean gorging myself on lots of delicious food! First we got to applaud Mel for taking 3rd in her age group!! I was so proud of her. She did a great job.

The next stop in our fun day was lunch at Big Judd's in Archer. Paul and I have been there numerous times, but Paul has never eaten one by himself. So he ordered the Big Judd and he ate the whole thing and got his picture on the wall!! He didn't think he could make it when he was about a 3/4 of the way done, but then he just said to himself, "I've already eaten 3 hamburgers, I can eat one more". That seemed to do the trick and he was able to finish it off.

Then we were headed up to Ashton to the Frostop. Oh my gosh I love that place!! They have the best ice cream anywhere! I have been craving Frostop for a long time and it was completely worth the drive. Yum! Yum!

Then we went back to Dad & Carma's and we all got a turn riding on their tractor, 4 wheeler's and motorbike. That was a lot of fun. I loved riding the tractor. I felt so country. As you can tell, everyone looked so happy riding the tractor. Paul was even whistling! Ah, the simple things in life that make you happy.

The next day we took my Grandma Mead to breakfast. She is such a funny lady!! I loved spending a few hours with her and hearing her stories. She always makes me and Paul laugh. We love her so much!!!

All in all, it was a great weekend and everyone had tons of fun!!!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, I celebrated my ??st birthday last week (a lady never tells her age). I went to lunch on Friday with July, Cory, and Cayman and there was a surpise for me when I got to Spaghetti Mama's.......Melanee!! She brought me a delicious cupcake and got to eat lunch with us. That was a start to a wonderful weekend.

That night Paul and I went to dinner with our friends, Lindsay and Shayne and their boys to The Mandarin in Bountiful. They have the yummiest orange chicken and garlic noodles. I love that place!!

The next day, (my actual birthday), Paul had planned a bbq with his family and mine (except only July, Cory, and Cayman were able to come from my family). We had a lot of fun. We bbq'd and then opened presents and ate Oreo Ice Cream Cake. Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful presents and the fun!! It was a great birthday! This was the first birthday in 3 years that Paul and I were able to celebrate on the actual day, so it made it extra special. I think the best part was that Paul did anything I asked him to......and he did it with a smile on his face and always answered with the sweetest voice, "Of Course I will do that!". I wish it were my birthday every day!