Monday, April 20, 2009

10 Things I Love About My Life!

I was tagged by my cousin Erin so here goes.

These are the ten things in my life that I love, that make me feel alive and happy.

1. My wonderful husband - I am so blessed he is in my life and that he puts up with me.
2. Incredible Families - The Skidmore and Watson Clans are the greatest.
3. Many Amazing Friends
4. Good Health....and up until a couple years ago, an awesome metabolism. Darn it! Growing older sucks!
5. The Gospel. I would be lost without it.
6. My house, neighborhood and ward.
7. Being an American. There is nothing greater than being able to live in this country.
8. Sugar!!! This includes candy, ice cream, cheesecake, regular cake, donuts (raspberry filled powdered donuts, of course), chocolate, etc.
9. TV, Movies, and Books - I love escaping from reality, even if it is only for a couple hours.
10. Traveling - Once I retire, I am seeing the world. Until then, a trip every now and then will have to do.

I tag anyone who reads this blog. Hee, Hee!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


There are only 5 people who will understand this post and three of them work at Spillman Technologies (hee hee). Carrie, Dan and Garrett, thanks for meeting me and Paul for lunch. It was a blast as always. Carrie, I hope this pops up on your blog list (let me know if it does). Garrett, I hope this makes your day a little more interesting by having something to read. Dan, I know you won't ever read this, so it's not really for you. :)

Paulman Technologies Forever!