Sunday, April 25, 2010

Paul's Birthday Bash!!!!

Paul's birthday was last Saturday. Paul's mom and dad and my little brother, Ryan and his friend, Nick came down on Friday night to start the festivities. The morning of Paul's birthday we went to breakfast at Denny's courtesy of Lyn and Dave. When you get this group together, it is LOUD, but it is FUN!

Paul thought his mom and dad weren't going to be able to go to dinner with us that night with the rest of the family, so we spent the whole day with them. They came with us to run errands and helped us make homemade ice cream. They even gave him his birthday card.

Little did Paul know what was in store for him that night! At 5:00 I told him I had to take him to pick out one of his presents. We hopped in the car and drove to Bountiful. He kept asking me where we were going. When he spotted this sign, he instantly knew!!

His suprise party at Chuck A Rama! Ever since both my grandma and my aunt had a surprise party at Chuck A Rama, Paul has wanted one. So this year, his wish was granted. Paul's entire family, some cousins, aunts, uncles and some of my family were all there to wish him a Happy Birthday. They were even wearing crowns!

After eating and eating and eating, it was time to go back to out house for cake and icecream and presents. Thank you to everyone who came and for making this Paul's greatest birthday ever!!!!


The day before Easter, my sister, July invited us to come to an easter egg hunt with Cayman and Cooper. It was freezing cold outside, but we wanted to go. So we met them at the elementary school in Bountiful. I think the sun must have been pretty bright even though it was kind of cloudy because Cayman looks like she is struggling to open her eyes in this picture. So funny!

Cooper didn't want to be left out, so Cory helped him get an egg of his very own.

This was the first year we got to go to the Easter Egg Hunt with Cayman and we had a great time. Thanks for the invite guys!!

The next day was Easter Sunday. It was also Conference. I love General Conference! There is nothing better than listening to the testimonies of our Savior by our Heavenly Father's Prophet and Apostles on this earth.

After conference was over, we went to Logan to see Paul's family. Grandma Lyn gave Alice & Charlotte bunnies for easter and they loved them.

I couldn't get a good picture of Alice, but I thought this one turned out kind of cute.

It was a great Easter Weekend!