Tuesday, November 22, 2011

St. George Baby!

We were invited by some friends to go to St. George last weekend. WE HAD A BLAST!!!! I honestly don't think I've ever laughed so hard for so long. It was non-stop fun! We stayed up till 3 a.m. or later every night and just went all day. We drove to St. George Thursday night. We stopped at Moochie's in SLC for dinner and then headed the rest of the way. We had walkie talkie's between the two cars, so we were able to play a rousing (although at times slightly inappropriate) game of "Would you rather" to pass the time. We got to St. George around 11:30 that night and then we settled into the theater room for some conversation, some joking around and of course laughing (mostly courtesy of Matt Page and the term Shubbing)!

We got up the next morning, ate at the Bear Paw Cafe and then headed to Las Vegas for the day. We discovered we had the Moulon Rouge CD in our car so we had a sing along on the drive. We are fantastic singers! We went to H&M first thing.......and spent 2 1/2 hours there! The boys were getting a little bored and this is what we found:

These guys are hilarious. Male models in the making. After our long shopping trip where I got a ton of great stuff, we headed to the Hard Rock Hotel to eat dinner at The Pink Taco. Dinner was delicious. After dinner we decided we wanted to ride the Big Shot at Stratosphere. Unfortunately, it was too windy, and the only ride open was Insanity. We talked ourselves into going on Insanity and it took a good 30 minutes to do so. We purchased our tickets and headed to the top. This is a picture of us before we got into the elevator. We wanted to have a final picture in case we didn't make it back down from the top. :)

But when we got there, the ride had closed! Bummer!!! So we took the elevator back down and tried to tell ourselves we weren't scared in the first place. Ya right. I was terrified to go on the ride and slightly relieved when it ended up being closed. We walked around the casino's and Paul tried to win $11MM on the slot machines.

Wait a sec, where am I???

Here I am!!!

Imagine our surprise when we didn't win. :) We headed back to St. George around 12:00 and got home about 1:30. After a bit more talking, it was time for bed.

The next morning, the guys went golfing and the girls went for pedicures. After we were done being pampered, we met up to do some shooting. That was fun! I love shooting. Check out my stance, probably close to perfect (hee, hee)

After shooting we got some pizza and settled in for the night. We played an extremely loud game of Catch Phrase (MILK AND CHEESE.......Jamie is hilarious!), danced to the Kinect (Heather rocks!), and played a friendly game of cards (ok it was Texas Hold 'em and it was not friendly, but it was lots of fun!). It was close to 4 am before anyone was in bed. That night was the funnest!

The next morning we woke up, stopped at In N Out for lunch and headed home. The ride home consisted of singing songs (I was laughing so hard at Rachel singing Oh Elaina!), and reminiscing on the trip. Overall, this was one of the funnest weekends I've had! It was great to get away!